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Veteran Empowerment Tools (VET) Program

Veterans with service-related disabilities are assisted in successfully re-integrating into the community. Services provided include support groups, anger management techniques, volunteer and socialization activities, one-on-one support and vocational and educational counseling.

The Program

The objectives of Phase I are to enhance the quality of life for veterans with disabilities by fostering improved communication skills, computer skills training, community integration, self-advocacy and self-sufficiency.

Phase II is designed to provide returning veterans with enhanced communication, life skills, expanded volunteer and other pre-vocational community participation activities. This program is designed to assist veterans with implementing the self-selected goals and objectives identified during Phase I.

Phase II activities include:

  • Additional self-directed interest testing to help identify volunteer activities and/or hobby development (may include recreational checklist)
  • Research on Southeastern United Way volunteer websites and other volunteer organizations
  • Registering with existing volunteer sites and/or creating volunteer sites, with the goal of performing up to 20 hours per week of volunteer or hobby activity (may include part-time employment)

Skills learned in Phase II include:

  • The ability to identify and implement self-sustaining, long-term quality of life
  • How to cope with stress
  • Self-advocacy and advanced communication skills (non-threatening/non-defensive, negotiation and mediation skills)


To qualify for the program, Veterans must have:

  • At least a 10% service-connected disability
  • An open case with VA Vocational Rehabilitation Unit and Employment Chapter 31 services
  • A direct referral to JVS from a VA counselor

Getting Started

Two ways to apply:

  • Complete the VA application form 28-1900 and mail or drop off at the nearest veterans service center

For more information, please contact Sharon Washington at (313) 833-8100 ext. 543 or



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